Hugong HGLB3015 Fiber Laser

Industrial Laser Cutting

Hugong’s new HGLB3015Q allows easy entry into fiber laser cutting. With a modest investment, you can benefit from the flexibility and productivity of fiber laser technology.

Cut mild steel, aluminium, copper and brass reliably with excellent cut quality and at blazing fast speeds, achieving an extremely low per part cost.

Hugong fiber lasers are high quality machines and at this incredible price point, they offer unbeatable value.

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Incorporated in 1958, Shanghai Hugong Electric Group are one of the worlds leading manufacturers of welding and cutting equipment.

Based in Shanghai, China, the company has over 66,000m2 of efficient and modern production facilities, over 1000 employees, 48 subsidiary companies and 800 distributors in China and overseas.

Hugong was publicly listed on the stock exchange in early 2016 with a market cap of 3.732 billion dollars. To say they are a large and well-respected company is a serious understatement.

Hugong have a rich and proud history at the forefront of the Chinese manufacturing industry, having actually been the first to design and distribute a CNC gantry cutting system in China. Within the last 5 years they have made an aggressive push into the fiber laser market.

Hugong offer amazing build quality and responsive technical support that only a company of this size can deliver; with an aggressive pricing strategy to match, Hugong is impossible to ignore and it’s easy to see why their market share is steadily increasing.