IPG Photonics is the world leader in Fiber Laser tech- nology. The beam is of the highest quality, allowing constant cutting with extreme precision.

IPG also boast a class leading wall plug efficiency of 50%. They are the industry standard for good reason.


The D-Fast is equipped with the highest quality servo motors and drives from French giant Schneider. These high-performance servo motors are durable and precise and have been built to last years of heavy use at high speeds.


DNE use only the best Swiss racks and pinions from Güdel, which have been tried and tested on Bystro- nic‘s machines for many years.


Neugart has been producing precision gearboxes since 1928. Known for their exceptional quality, these same speed reducers have been installed on Bystronic machines for years due to their reliability.


The Swiss designed zoom and autofocus cutting head from Bystronic allows full control of the beam diame- ter and mode. The zoom feature allows the operator to fine-tune cutting performance and finish, thereby allowing faster pierce and cut times for all materials and thick- nesses.


The aluminium cross beam gantry frame is formed by airborne aluminium die casting and annealed at high temperature to withstand deformation. This lighter and faster gantry allows remarkable repeated positioning accuracy.


The steel frame is precision welded and fully annealed for stress relief and years of distortion free operation. DNE‘s frames are built to ensure excellent vibration resistance, rigidity and stability. The frame is combined with a precision die cast gantry and quality drive components. The result is the fastest, smoothest and most reliable laser machine in its class.


DNE D-Fast machines are fully equipped with simple to use nesting and cutting software ready to use right out of the box. The large touchscreen controller makes for simple and convenient operation.

  • Precision welded and fully annealed machine frame for long life.
  • DNE Zoom with Autofocus cutting heads are standard on 3kW and up – these advanced Swiss designed cutting heads give automated control over the beam focus and beam diameter, allowing faster piercing and cutting with cleaner edges

The German optical system coupled with the Swiss Bystronic design enables control of the optical lens group, directly affecting the beam diameter and mode. This capability optimises the energy delivery to the cutting material, whilst simultaneously ensuring faster cycle times

A Windows Driven Control Software with Materials Parameters Database is individually tuned to each machine before shipment

The DNE software with nesting incorporates Swiss technology to ensure the best quality edge finish for all material thicknesses

The Bystronic optical technology ensures the highest cutting quality performance and speed for any given IPG source

The DNE Zoom and autofocus head ensures faster cutting at a high quality

Bystronic’s patented cutting head allows much more consistent cutting of reflective materials such as aluminium, brass and copper

Low maintenance with very few optical components compared with CO2 lasers High electrical efficiency leads to significant reduction in power consumption No optical consumables in beam path assure a lower operating cost
Extremely high cutting speeds in thin materials

Assembled with the highest quality imported components
Fully sealed safety enclosure with roof and adequate radiation resistance Sliding access door allows convenient access to cutting area
CE European certification standard
Optical Density (OD-4 or OD-6) certified safety glass (CE Requirement) Fast pallet change system

Bystronic DNE D-Fast Fiber Laser

High Performance Industrial Laser Cutting

Bystronic DNE Laser is proud to unveil its new D-Fast Fiber Laser, their latest addition to the world of hi-tech laser cutting solutions. A fast, accurate, fully enclosed laser machine, the D-Fast will outperform any fiber laser cutter in this price bracket.

Featuring the latest in Bystronic technology, DNE lasers bring decades of industry leading laser experience to the marketplace. And with the introduction of the D-Fast series, high performance laser cutting is more affordable than ever.

The new D-Fast model offers the highest quality components and a build quality second to none. The machine offers a perfect blend of speed, accuracy and reliability. Rapid market acceptance has allowed DNE to export to over 60 countries all over the world.

DNE have the technology to give you the edge. You won’t find a better machine for the price!

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