Delem DA-66T 6 Axis graphical controller

Machine is synchronized by Delem 66T state of the art controller, with offline programming software and full 3D graphical interface. Offering simple CNC programming and fast operation.

The DA-66T has a production mode that allows fool proof operation by graphically simulating the bend process of the product, guiding the press brake operation.

KYOKKO Quick Clamping system

Japanese style quick clamping upper tooling system allows fast, safe and easy front load tool changing. This eliminates time consuming tool change from the end of the beam.

DSP Laser Guarding System

DSP (Italy) laser guarding system for safe operation.

Optical protection remains active until the tool opening is reduced to 2mm preventing fingers and hands entering the point of operation.

Fully annealed Frames

EKO use Q345E steel frames and anneal to 1200 degrees beforeprecision machining. This relieves all internal stresses within the frame and ensures a quality machine that will bend accurately for a lifetime.

The hybrid EHM machine uses high quality 16 Manganese steel, renowned for its high impact strength and resistance to abrasion.


Y axis 0.01 / 100mm Y1 & Y2 Speed 1 – 25 m/min

X axis 0.02 / 600mm X Speed 1 – 30 m/min

Z axis 0.1 / 100mm Z1 & Z2 Speed 0.1 – 20 m/min

R axis 0.1 / 100mm R Speed 1 – 15 m/min



EKO press brakes work on the dual servo principle, with the Y1 (left ram) and Y2 (right ram) axes are controlled by powerful Sanyo servo motors. This design allows for the highest speed and precision available, and ensure very low running costs. EKO press brakes have rapid front loading quick clamps as standard, further saving time on tool changes and improving efficiency. Due to their high speed and precision they are widely used in robot bending cells; EKO partner with high end robot manufacturers such as Kawasaki, Kuka and Yaskawa to ensure their machines are perfectly suited for high speed robot bending applications.

The EKO press brake machines come standard with “NC max” CNC control, similar to Amada NC9 control. STEP (Germany) and Delem (Netherlands) graphical controls are also available and are our preferred option for the Australian customer. The highly recommended Delem DA66T control comes with Profile-T offline software and a large touch screen with clear graphics for easy CNC programming and fool-proof operation. By building on Japanese and European style servo machines, EKO have proven their superiority by capturing the over 70% of the Chinese domestic market for high speed electric servo press brakes. Full servo press brakes not only have much higher production rates but are also very economical on power.

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